Manner Code

Manner Code delivers a good feel anthem titled ‘With You’. The song follows the journey of two lovers who fall for each other at first sight. Sung from the perspective of Singer/Songwriter Elsie Jayne – Her angelic vocals accompanied with Manner Code’s catchy and polished production, ‘With You’ will have you catching feelings upon first listen.

Manner Code is an electronic music project by Joshua Deacon, a drummer in the Indonesian progressive rock/metal scene with his bands, Dunia and Aion. Manner Code comes as a way to explore the world of electronic music. He has released various styles of electronic music as Manner Code. His first single ‘Turn It Louder feat. Ehwaz’ (2020) has a unique sound with elements of, future bass, melodic dubstep and trap. In the same year (2020) he released his second single ‘Stronger Cause of You, a collaboration with Chicago singer Anza via NONRESIDENT (USA). In 2021, he tried to be more productive releasing more singles with different labels, such as Kiwistage (Russia), Sub Max Records (USA), Industrial Parasite (USA), and Vize’s new label Crash Your Sound/Choose Your Sound (Germany). His second self released single ‘Phone Number feat. Rascarl’ will be released on October 8th. With no sign of stopping, Manner Code continues to release more and more songs while exploring more styles and genres.

Elsie Jane

Just a plain Jayne living in sunny San Diego. I am very much inspired by nature and being outdoors. When I was a kid I would make up silly songs on the spot to entertain family and friends but realized as I got older music is my passion. I find myself singing melodies in my head while at work or just completely lost in la la land thinking of rhymes and lyrics. I am beyond excited to be working with other artists and can’t wait to see what the future holds!